~ Ashford Building & Roofing ~

Ashford Building and Roofing has more than 25 years of experience serving loyal customers in Valparaiso, Portage, Merrillville, Crown Point, and throughout Northwest Indiana. We realize knowing how to build a successful relationship with our clients is just as important as knowing how to build a quality roof. Our dedication to customer satisfaction has been the key to our success. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Our Mission

Our mission is customer satisfaction and to be the highest-quality roofer in Northwest Indiana. No roofing, roof repair, framing, or remodeling job is complete until each individual is satisfied. We work to eliminate stress and pressure for our customers during the project. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations, and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of the construction team.

Roofing on Time and Within Budget

Your time is valuable. When you need work performed, you need it done properly. Whether it’s roofing, roof repair, framing, or remodeling, we will take your project through to its completion and your full satisfaction. Our strategy is to complete your project on time and within budget. Rain or shine, big or small, we do it all.

Your Roofing Project

We develop flexible schedules that meet your deadlines, even if you have a change, or when a building inspector requires one. We will contact the correct people, suggest viable options, and keep the project on track. We will work around your home routine to minimize disruptions, noise, and dust with every roofing, framing and remodeling project.

Quality and Reputation

Our attention to detail is seldom surpassed, and our desire to remain the roofing and roof repair leader in Northwest Indiana is even greater. Quality is our priority and our reputation surpasses the competition. We offer you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are getting a roof, roof repair, or framing/remodeling job completed with President and Owner, Jeff Jones. Jeff started out working with the finest builders in Arizona, Chicago, and Northwest Indiana. Jeff realized that he enjoyed working with his customers on a one-on-one basis, and that he had the gift of being a quality craftsman, so he started out in 1992 working to become one of the best roofers and carpenters in Lake and Porter County. He and his crew have been happy serving the Northwest Indiana region for more than 25 years.

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          • Doctor lauded for enhancing care for
            discount ray bans dementia patients

            After years of working to enhance the care for dementia patients, Waterloo Region doctor, Linda Lee, was awarded the Minister’s Medal Honouring Excellence in Health.

            "It was a real privilege to see our work recognized by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care," Dr. Lee said. She is also excited her treatment model, which allows inter professional
            discount ray bans health care workers to treat geriatric problems at the primary care level, is homegrown.

            The Minister’s Medal is part of a competitive recognition program that occurs each year, to acknowledge collaborative efforts of Ontario’s heath care providers, who are improving care for residents.

            "The award was presented by the Minister of Health, Eric Hoskins, and I think it was just an acknowledgement of the great work (of) the team I’ve had the great privilege of working with a very highly skilled team of health care professionals."

            Lee’s work began at a small family practice in the area, where there were a lot of geriatric concerns.

            "I recognized that there was a gap in care for persons with memory problems. There was a real need to improve the system of care for persons with dementia and family members I thought to myself, if there was ever an opportunity to improve care, that I would want to do that," Lee said.

            And in 2006, the opportunity arose, when the practice became a family health team.

            "That was the opportunity to develop a new system of care for persons with memory problems and their caregivers. Their needs are complex. There are physical, psychological
            discount ray bans and social needs and I recognize they are best handled by a multi disciplinary team, where the strengths of each discipline, working together, in partnership and collaboratively, could really, really help."

            The traditional model for dementia care is reliant on specialists; however, Lee said there simply aren’t enough. As a result, there are lengthy wait times to receive early diagnosis and proper care.

            When the new model was designed, in partnership with local geriatricians and organizations, the primary care medical clinics then
            cheap ray bans allowed the family practices to retain the majority of care internally, using the specialists in a more effective way.

            Lee began training the first set of teams in 2008, and she is now in Ottawa, training the 58th team a number that will jump to 63 by the end of January.

            "It starts with an early, accurate diagnosis, and then the provision of supports that are needed in a timely way It’s about providing that support in a proactive way, rather than reactive, which is often the case now," Lee said.Articles Connexes:

            discount ray bans | cheap ray bans 3306
          • We are very impressed with you and your crew; how hardworking you are, how well you work together, and the speed with which you did a top-notch job! I would like to submit a glowing report on your work.

            Thanks again,

            Roger (and Stephanie) Carnell

          • AWESOME. Jeff and his crew built my covered patio and I couldn’t be happier. That’s all I can say about Ashford Builders. Just AWESOME.

            Janie Wallen-Flight Attendant

          • We had several bids to tear-off and replace our roof. Ashford Building & Roofing was comparable to several of the bids we received. They were actually less expensive than others. To my surprise, the job was finished in one day and the they left my home completely cleaned of any materials used to complete the job

            Sally Lopez – homeowner